Local Business Use

Using local businesses is not only important to our local economies, but an important part of being sustainable. To show our support for local businesses A.I.R. Lawn Care joined  Independent We Stand. This is a movement powered by STIHL that supports independently owned businesses across the country by reaching out to their communities and educating their neighbors about the many benefits of “buying local.” Use A.I.R. Lawn Care’s services. In turn, we will continually pump your hard-earned dollars back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases. Independent We Stand recognizes all socially responsible businesses, both large and small. The movement focuses on helping companies like A.I.R. Lawn Care not just survive, but thrive…and all the while helping A.I.R. Lawn Care contribute to the Montgomery County community. A.I.R. Lawn Care thinks money spent in the Montgomery County community should largely stay here, not always go home with strangers who hail from heaven knows where. It’s time “Shop Local” and help get the economy back on track. Take a Stand Now. Stand Up and Join Us!

In keeping with the “buying local” local theme A.I.R. Lawn Care uses the products and services of many local green businesses in our operations including Mark Leisher Productions, and Speedy Signs

Mark Leisher Productions (MLP) is a full-service film and video production, design, and web-marketing firm. Their clients include action-oriented, mission based organizations large and small. For 10 years, have made films all over the world. In today’s fast paced digital world their film services has helped share A.I.R.’s sustainability message with others.

Speedy Signs is a full service sign and graphics company capable of handing of all aspects of our business needs. Their dedication to the environment is a family tradition and is fundamental to how they operate. Their sustainable practices have earned them an accreditation and allow them to help their clients find greener solutions to everyday sign and printing needs. They use eco-friendly materials in all possible aspects of their production and take care to recycle any and all products after the life-cycle. By working with them, A.I.R. benefits in many ways, including contributing to sustainable business practices and the local economy.