im·prove·ment [im-proov-muhnt]  noun

1. an act of improving  or the state of being improved.

2. a change or addition by which a thing is improved.

3. a person or thing that represents an advance on another inexcellence or achievement: The environmentally friendly lawn service  is a great improvement over its conventional predecessor.

4. a bringing into a more valuable or desirable condition, as ofland or real property; betterment.

5. something done or added to real property that increases its value.

A.I.R. Lawn Care is improving real properties, thus increasing their value through sustainable landscaping methods that:

      • Reduce/prevent air, noise, and water pollution
      • Conserve natural resources

Along with A.I.R. Lawn Care’s efforts people can improve the atmosphere and their lawns by:

      • Mowing tall
      • Mowing with sharp blades
      • Using an electric or reel mower
      • Watering deeply, and infrequently
      • Choosing the right type of grass type
      • Developing healthy soil
      • Being cautious about using pesticides

However all of these activities are not one time tasks. It takes constant renewal each year to improve our atmosphere. If you want to help improve our atmosphere take the A.I.R. Dare and click here