[at-muhs-feer]  noun, verb, at·mos·phered, at·mos·pher·ing. noun

1. the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air.

2. this medium at a given place.

People depend on the atmosphere in their everyday lives. It provides them as’s definition above says a layer of protection as well as a medium that transmits noise, gas, and information. That same medium that transmits noise, gas, and information is endangered because of the noise, gas and information pollution being generated from conventional lawn care companies. The green industry is going through a transformation as people such as you hear and know the amount of noise and gas lawn care equipment creates respectively. The problem is you do not hear and know that:

Along with emissions and noise conventional lawn care creates a lot of waste:

All of these problems will keep getting worse unless we take a stand to make an improvement. Take the A.I.R. Dare and try eco-friendly lawn care! Contact A.I.R. Lawn Care today.