Electric Lawn Equipment

Many people think they know the amount of noise and gas lawn care equipment creates. However, the problem is you do not hear and know that:

Along with emissions and noise conventional lawn care creates a lot of waste:

To reduce our noise and air pollution as well as gas consumption A.I.R. Lawn Care has partnered with STIHL and Mean Green Products to utilize their electric lawn care equipment in our operations.

STIHL has invested considerable resources in making energy-efficient products that A.I.R. Lawn Care uses to minimize its impact on the environment. STIHL is committed to developing powerful, fuel-efficient outdoor power equipment while using production practices that are environmentally responsible. After all, taking care of nature is the very basis of everything they do. The STIHL equipment A.I.R. Lawn Care uses eliminates both fuel costs and exhaust emissions from A.I.R. Lawn Care’s operations as well as greatly reduces the amount of noise pollution generated from  the outdoor power equipment used. Ultimately, the road to green is orange for A.I.R. Lawn Care.

                                                                              STIHL Electric Powered Equipment

Mean Green Products realized the extreme inefficiencies of outdoor power equipment and decided to develop powerful, efficient, emission-free mowers.  They know that their alternate energy products (green) can be both powerful and efficient. The Mean Green equipment A.I.R. Lawn Care uses not only performs as good as or better than “gas-engine” mowers, but their operating and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the cost as well.

                                                                                       Mean Green Electric Mower